What Does It Take to Win a Gold Quill Award? Watch This.

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2017 Gold Quill Awards are Open — Submit Your Work, Get Recognized

Share your best work by entering the 2017 Gold Quill Awards program. Get inspired just by entering...be inspired by past winners...inspire your career and your organization...get recognized for your work. For more than 40 years, IABC’s Gold Quill Awards have recognized and awarded excellence in strategic communication worldwide. Gold Quill is the … [Continue Reading]

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10 Keys to a Winning Reputation

Your reputation is crucial to generating opportunities and achieving your targeted objectives. But to build a solid reputation, you need to undertake deliberate work, both within yourself and with others. Reputations are often created accidently, by rumor, gossip and unexpected publicity. They … [Continue Reading]


Innovate Like an Olympian at the Office

Now that the Olympics are over, the media are reflecting on the awe-inspiring performances by the world’s best athletes. The spotlight is also on the many coaches and teammates who, laboring tirelessly behind the cameras, helped these extraordinary individuals reach the pinnacle of their sport. But … [Continue Reading]


A Communicator’s Case for “Working for Free”

I don’t tend to disagree that much with my father, these days at least. We hold similar political views, and my dad has even adopted my beloved English football (soccer) team, Tottenham Hotspur, as his own. But one long-time point of disagreement is about doing pro bono work in one’s chosen … [Continue Reading]