TEDx TALK: Know Your Worth – And Then Ask For It


Strategic Internal Communications Conference; July 19-21 (Boston)

Discover practical tips for fostering a culture of engagement, deliver your organization’s story, and create a motivated, high-performing workplace by using new social tools and technologies. This learning environment has been designed to provide you with open, interactive discussions on key internal communication issues, challenges and … [Continue Reading...]

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Observations from my first IABC World Conference

A bright red “First Time” ribbon on my badge hangs around my neck. That’s the first thing that struck me about participating in last week’s IABC World Conference in Washington, DC. I thought – hmm, either everyone walks up to you and says, “Welcome! How can I help you?” or it’s some kind of newbie … [Continue Reading]

Here’s Why the PR Industry is Failing

It’s hard to say an industry is failing when it’s growing seven percent annually, and its ranks have swollen to nearly five professionals to every single journalist, a ratio that’s more than doubled over the past decade. But when it comes to the current state of the public relations industry, it is. … [Continue Reading]

Are You Prepared for an Online Crisis?

Your company could be worth billions, but your reputation is priceless. Yet a 2013 Accenture survey revealed that only 28 percent of corporate risk managers are prepared to deal with crisis. How would you rate your company’s preparedness, especially in the digital realm? The time to determine that … [Continue Reading]