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Q&A with Jennie Bledsoe, St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital

Join us in Boston this July at the 6th Annual Strategic Internal Communications conference. Among the illustrious speakers, you’ll hear from Jennie Bledsoe, Director of Internal and HR Communications at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. When it comes to trends in communication, Jennie says, “Right now, I’m fascinated with dimensional … [Continue Reading...]

REGISTER TODAY! Supercharge your communication strategy

An interactive workshop with Pinaki Kathiari, CEO of Local Wisdom   CLICK HERE TO REGISTER The art of getting messages to audiences and moving them to take action is daunting. Especially in this crazy world where the increase of disruption and information is staggering. As communicators and marketers we gamble our investment on … [Continue Reading...]

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How to Navigate Consumer, Employee or Supply Chain Activism

In today’s complex business climate, it can be hard to foresee what the next threat to an organization’s brand or challenges to long-accepted ways of doing business might be. There are reputational challenges that can be planned for well in advance, and then there are the completely off-track issues … [Continue Reading]

Q&A with the PGA’s Dave Cordero

Join IABC at the 6th Annual Strategic Internal Communications conference in Boston in July. Featured speaker Dave Cordero is Director of Internal Communications for the Professional Golf Association (PGA), where he oversees communications for the PGA TOUR. Asked to describe a challenge he faces … [Continue Reading]

Q&A with McDonald’s Jason Greenspan

IABC is a sponsor of the 6th Annual Strategic Internal Communications conference in Boston this summer. We’re looking forward to hearing from featured speaker Jason Greenspan, Senior Director of US Strategy and Internal Communications at McDonald's USA. Jason’s advice for communicators? Immerse … [Continue Reading]