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2017 Gold Quill Awards are Open — Submit Your Work, Get Recognized

Share your best work by entering the 2017 Gold Quill Awards program. Get inspired just by entering...be inspired by past winners...inspire your career and your organization...get recognized for your work. For more than 40 years, IABC’s Gold Quill Awards have recognized and awarded excellence in strategic communication worldwide. Gold Quill is the … [Continue Reading]

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The tsunami of disruption that’s headed your way

Shannon Ryan of Nonlinear began his grand-slam change presentation ‘How the nature of work, people, process and technology is about to radically change your workplace’ held as part of the 2016 IABC World Conference on Tuesday 7 June saying: “The world of work is about to change: are you ready? If … [Continue Reading]


The 3 Most Important Skills For Tomorrow’s Leaders

Data will reign supreme for next generation leaders. The next generation of leaders will need new skills to survive and thrive in the work world. Our research shows that while some traditional skills will remain as critical as ever, including the ability to communicate and delegate effectively, … [Continue Reading]


Make your stories personal, focused and compelling

“Daddy, tell me one more story …” “Man, it’s the story of my life …” “What’s that guy’s story?” “We have to put more storytelling in our content.” Does the notion of storytelling convey ideas of innocence? Cynicism? Corporate-speak? Even if the word “storytelling” is overused—and … [Continue Reading]