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IABC Heritage Region Conference: Pittsburgh, Nov. 5 – 7

The 2017 IABC Heritage Region Conference brings together three days of high energy keynotes, speakers and networking activities that that will enhance and invigorate your career. Join approximately 200 communication, public relations and marketing practitioners from all over the United States and Canada as you discover the possibilities for your … [Continue Reading...]

2018 IABC World Conference: Montreal, June 3 – 6

2018 IABC World Conference Palais des congrès de Montréal 3–6 June, Montréal  #IABC18: The Communication Crossroads Our theme this year focuses on “The Communication Crossroads.” Here’s why. The communication profession is uniquely positioned at the crossroads of business, culture, functions and audience. That’s a powerful place to be. This … [Continue Reading...]

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The importance of emotional intelligence in business

According to Kim Morris Lee, director of organizational effectiveness at the University of Illinois, when the U.S. Air Force started considering emotional intelligence during their selection of recruits, their financial loss through recruiting people who weren’t suitable for the military branch went … [Continue Reading]

Why are women’s networking groups failing to produce more female leaders?

As the debate on how to create gender equity in leadership roles continues, it’s important to look at the role of networking in the inability to close the gap. Believe it or not, women simply do not have access to the same tools and resources offered in professional networks that male leaders do. … [Continue Reading]

How lack of equality contributes to declining employee engagement

Just mentioning the word “equality” gets people going. Some men roll their eyes and moan, “Here comes another feminist to tell me what I’m doing wrong.” Some women (especially millennial women) insist that inequality doesn’t affect their careers. Some baby boomer women remark that it’s only real if … [Continue Reading]