Webinar Recap: Solving Common Email Problems

Reducing email, increasing content relevancy and improving engagement were just some of the topics discussed at a recent IABC webinar.

On February 9, 2016, Eric Shealy, founder and president of Newsweaver, Inc., hosted the webinar “How Enterprises Are Solving Their Email Challenges: Case Studies From Concur, RBC and Others,” for IABC members and other registrants.

Newsweaver, Inc . is a software company focused on helping internal communicators  radically improve the way they communicate across their businesses.  Newsweaver teams with a company’s IT department to connect to the company’s active directory, the central hub of pertinent employee information such as name, email address, work department, location and manager.  A company’s communication department is then able to use Newsweaver to customize content and target distribution based on the information available.

Eric took participants through several Newsweaver client case studies on how businesses are solving their most common email challenges, including email overload. They do so through personalization, which time and again has been shown to increase open rates. One client, RBC, for example, often regionalizes messages and distributes them based on location and company role.  Another client personalizes by business line. While all colleagues may receive a message from the CEO, a supporting message may be customized to come from the manager of each business line.  Thanks to Newsweaver’s technology the time it takes to create different versions—even in multiple languages—is drastically decreased.

The purpose of such personalization is to enhance communications and improve open and click rates on various independent or linked messaging platforms, including email, intranet, video and enterprise social networks.  Through Newsweaver’s benchmarking technology, communicators and management have real time access to data, including what was opened by business, location, line manager, function, etc. Engagement can be discerned at any level, such as who who read all six of the most recent communications.

In addition to determining when best to distribute messages and to whom, communicators using Newsweaver employ various devices to enhance open rates. Some use a color coding system (red, orange, green and yellow) so colleagues know what is critical versus informative.  Others may label the information as “if you read nothing else,” or “nice to know.” They also must consider whether to enable the entire article to be opened on a device or employ a link to open option (which enables more data to be gathered).  These decisions are often driven by audience readership preferences, which may differ within the same company.

In addition to showcasing how its technology enables companies to avoid email overload through personalization, Newsweaver has gathered much information and identified benchmarks for successful internal email campaigns. For example, the best average open rates are between 8:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m., and the best days to send out an email are Monday, Tuesday, Friday mornings and Thursday afternoons.

Newsweaver provided attendees an interesting infographic showcasing benchmarks of successful internal email campaigns.

For more information please visit www.newsweaver.com