Intranet Best Practices Conference: Boston, Dec. 4 – 6

See how experts from Tapestry, JetBlue, Goodwill and more built engaging, award-winning intranets. Save $250 through IABC Boston.

Is your intranet a relic of a time before iPhones and social media? Before employees worked from home and had cat videos to distract them?

The workforce has changed dramatically in recent years, yet few intranets have changed to reflect that.

If that applies to your organization, you might need an intranet makeover. Fortunately, the experts at the Intranet Best Practices Conference have a few tricks up their sleeves to help you solve these problems:

  • Your intranet doesn’t match your brand’s personality.

Lifeless content and a boring design do nothing to strengthen employee engagement and organizational culture. That’s why JetBlue Airways opted for intranet features and content that reflect their brand’s fun, playful spirit.

  • Employees have no way to collaborate with each other.

Silos are the enemies of productivity. Cigna relies on social media tools and employee blogging to keep even large, dispersed workforces closely connected.

  • No one knows how to use it.

If finding information takes too long, employees will be unlikely to log on to your intranet. Stanford University uses incentive programs and grassroots campaigns to show users how to find exactly what they need quickly.

  • You don’t measure the ROI of your intranet projects.

To gain buy-in for your efforts, you must demonstrate how an outstanding intranet drives business goals forward. Communicators at Tapestry and Edward Jones stress the importance of identifying key metrics ahead of time.

Join the experts behind these top intranets on Dec. 4-6 at IBM’s Boston headquarters. You’ll leave with the practical strategies they used to create must-visit portals that foster engagement, collaboration and productivity. You’ll also save $250 when you register through IABC Boston.

Say goodbye to your outdated intranet—register today.