Test Workshop


Defining Your Personal Brand; May 16 (Cambridge)

Branding an individual is not terribly different from branding a company. Using the same tenets and tactics applied to branding global clients, this workshop is designed for job-seekers, career-changers, and perpetual self-improvers seeking guidance on how to refine the narrative s/he projects to the world. This 90-minute workshop is highly interactive, educative, and fun! After attending…
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Persuasive Writing Workshop (Boston): June 19-20

Learn to write copy that moves people to act in this two-day, hands-on writing workshop. If you want to Catch Your Readers, you need to think like a reader. Then you need to use the bait your reader likes, not the bait you like. Problem is, many of the techniques we’ve institutionalized in business communication…
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Three-Part Podcasting Workshop (Boston): March 31, April 28 and May 19

Why Learn How to Create Podcasts? Podcasts can be a very powerful marketing and communications tool. With their growing popularity, many companies are starting to recognize the value podcasts can provide to help promote their brands or thought leadership. The intimate and trusting relationship that podcasts create between listeners and their hosts is different than…
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Diversity and Inclusion Panel Discussion

Diversity & Inclusion: What Does Communications Have to Do with It? Is your organization up to the task of communicating to diverse groups of people, and integrating diversity and inclusion into all operations? Want to learn more? Global Novations and IABC Boston invite you to a half-day professional development seminar on Diversity & Inclusion: What…
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