Webinar Recap: Solving Common Email Problems

Reducing email, increasing content relevancy and improving engagement were just some of the topics discussed at a recent IABC webinar. On February 9, 2016, Eric Shealy, founder and president of Newsweaver, Inc., hosted the webinar “How Enterprises Are Solving Their Email Challenges: Case Studies From Concur, RBC and Others,” for IABC members and other registrants….
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Are Chief Happiness Officers Necessary?

Happiness in the workplace has become such a hot button conversation topic, some companies have created a job specifically dedicated to it. The remit of a chief happiness officer (CHO) is simple: to ensure workers are kept happy. But for a trend supposedly sweeping the workplace, the list of people who have assumed the position…
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Email — It’s Not Dead Yet

The eulogy for email has been in slow-clap mode for a while. With social app after app promising to make communication faster than it already is, it’s become a common theory that email is, if not dead, well on its way. Of course, not everyone agrees. (There’s even a whole website devoted to proving email…
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IABC Boston Mentorship Program Update

IABC Boston Mentorship Program Update by Dina Wolfman Baker Last fall, IABC Boston launched its Mentorship Pogram, matching chapter members as mentors to Bentley University communication and marketing students, and early-career professionals.  This yielded mentorship for a dozen students and four professionals. With the goal of building upon that foundation, we have issued a questionnaire…
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International PR Pioneer Bob Leaf Speaks to IABC Boston

Bob Leaf, a pioneer in international public relations, has chronicled his experiences in a memoir entitled The Art of Perception. On Wednesday April 10, Bob regaled members and guests at Public Consulting Group’s offices with colorful stories ranging from his undergraduate days at the University of Missouri through the creation of the international network of…
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2013 World Conference

Our new Director of Social Media, Ashley Bournival, was fortunate to be one of three members BAE sent to IABC’s World Conference this year. Along with colleagues Lisa Adams (Senior Communications Rep) and Marianne Murphy (Communications Manager), Ashley (Corporate Communications) enjoyed both the programming and the opportunity to mix it up with other communication professionals…
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